Nordhaven advised 1881 Group / Kistefos in the acquisition of Tjenestetorget

25 nov 2021

1881 Group AS, backed by Kistefos, has signed an agreement to acquire Tjenestetorget AS with affiliates from ABBH AS. Tjenestetorget offers digital pricing comparison services towards customers and generate leads to companies in Norway and Denmark. The transaction strengthens 1881 Group’s position and strategy as the leading provider of directory services via internet. In 2021, Tjenestetorget is estimated to have a turnover of NOK ~110m. 

“Our most important job is to provide information and help to the Norwegian population and companies. Tjenestetorget with affiliates are strong companies, which fit perfectly with our existing product offering. The interaction will broaden and strengthen our product offering to all our users” says CEO of 1881 Group, Asgeir Ohr.
“We have had strong growth in recent years. Getting 1881 on the team gives us bigger muscles and an incredible number of new opportunities. We are now part of a larger digital and highly innovative environment. We look forward to developing further together” says CEO Anders Wetting of Tjenestetorget.

The transaction marks another acquisition where Nordhaven has advised 1881 Group and Kistefos.

About 1881 Group
Norway's leading provider of personal and corporate information (phone numbers, addresses, real estate prices, company financials, etc) - both digital and traditional. Weekly used by more than 1.5-2.0 million Norwegians. Fully owned by the private investment company Kistefos. Revenue 2020 of NOK ~400m and EBITDA of NOK ~95m.
About Tjenestetorget
Tjenestetorget was founded in Norway in 2004 and consists of Tjenestetorget, Anbudstorget, Tjenestetorget Finans and Tjenestetorvet (Denmark). Tjenestetorget delivers leads comparisons on products and services. Since 2004, Tjenestetorget has supported more than 1 million users across Norway and Denmark collaborating with 500+ suppliers. 

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