Nordhaven advised the owner of Buer AS in the majority sale to Baxt / Skagerrak-Holding

4 june 2021

Buer AS, Norway's leading manufacturer of soft potato flatbreads (Norwegian “lomper”) and thinbread (“lefser”), has entered into a strategic partnership with Baxt.

Buer AS, with traditions dating back to 1957 is the market leader within its category with clear ambitions to uphold their position through technology, strong product development, high quality products and focused marketing.

The Buer business and production facilities are located in Askim and has approximately 50 employees.

“We are very pleased to have entered into this agreement with Baxt, where we see an exciting future for Buer with many attractive opportunities. We are really looking forward to working closer with Baxt  -  together we are confident that Buer will become even more successful” - Bjørn Olav Drabløs owner and CEO of Buer

Baxt is a well-known supplier of a large selection of baked goods to the Norwegian grocery trade, kiosk / petrol and catering market. The company has its head office and main warehouse in Larvik and has more than 50 employees. BAXT is part of a group that also consists of the bakeries in Søndre Land and Lierne municipalities that produces produces cakes, cookies and thinbread.

Skagerrak-Holding, which is Baxt's parent company, has acquired 60% of the shares in Buer AS from FBD AS, which is owned by Bjørn Olav Drabløs. Bjørn Olav Drabløs continues as the company's CEO.

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