Nordhaven’s Board Composition and Compensation Report

22 nov 2018

Nordhaven’s Board Composition and Compensation Report was referred to in the article published in the Finnish Arvopaperi (“Security”) magazine. The magazine is published by the Finnish media company Alma Media. The magazine and its digital channels combined reach 133,000 professionals interested in investment.

The article discusses and compares similarities and differences of the composition and compensation of the Boards of Finnish and Swedish Large Cap companies.

Board compositions in both countries are largely similar: e.g. age, gender and proportion of foreign Board members are close to each other. A typical foreign Board member in a Finnish Boardroom is from Sweden, in the Swedish Boards from the US. Based on the interviews conducted for the article, one cited reason for this was the materially lower compensation level of Finnish Boards - not high enough to attract Board members from e.g. the US.

Download the Finnish language article below:

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